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CIMATRON E 11 Torrent [Latest]




"Cimatron has made our job very easy and reduces the time and effort needed to be productive" - Russell Lawson "I have been using Cimatron for over a year now and absolutely love it!" - David Brewster "Cimatron is by far the best tool we have ever used. - Matt Waterton "At first we were skeptical that Cimatron would work as well as we thought it would - but it has proved its worth. It is clear that Cimatron is extremely flexible and powerful, making it very easy to use for rapid design changes." - Michael Waterton "After using both the Rhino and SolidWorks versions of Cimatron we must say that Cimatron has made our lives a little easier by allowing us to model in Rhino and then bring the design into SolidWorks." - Andrew Ehrmann "I've been working with Cimatron for a year and I have to say that I really love the program. I can create a complex structural design in half the time with no effort, and this equates to huge cost savings. Cimatron is a really great program." - Brian Vianney "I was skeptical about Cimatron, but I am very impressed. I found it very intuitive and easy to use." - Antony Charles-Williams "It was easy to get started using Cimatron, and I've learned a lot in a short time. I can easily create models and visualize them in Rhino without any previous experience. This made me feel less intimidated to learn SolidWorks." - Nabil T. Willems "Cimatron is extremely easy to use with a lot of useful features for many applications. From modeling to results, Cimatron will allow us to make quick designs, to produce all kinds of results." - Sara El Banna "It's a perfect tool for quick design and manufacturing. It will help with the speed of the business - it will certainly help the manufacturing." - Paul Black "I was a little reluctant to use Cimatron as it's quite a different way of working. I found it easier than SolidWorks though. I think it's a good alternative to SolidWorks as it's quick to use and give really nice results." - Steve Hopwood "Cimatron is an excellent piece of software - easy to use and extremely flexible. Once I started using Cimatron, I couldn't imagine how I could




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CIMATRON E 11 Torrent [Latest]

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